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Chad Smith Quotes

Post by peppersovka on 27th September 2013, 18:48

pa da nemamo ove teme..sramota†Rolling Eyes

Have a good time all the time.

I`m not bisexual, but I do like to buy sex.

We`re serious about our music. But if we go on stage and have flames shooting out of our heads, it doesn`t mean I go home at night and shoot flames out of my head while I`m drinking my Pepsi.

I want to go quick and easy. Probably in a bad motorbike accident.

I don`t put a face on God. So he would probably look like Jimi Hendrix.

About 99.5 per cent of the music thats out there is predictable, generic, lame shit. But with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the music is honest and raw from the heart.

I enjoy being somewhat anonymous and only being recognised by real fans of our band.

I was in every band class I could get in, like after school jazz band and marching band, and that`s where I really learned to read music from elementary all the way through junior high and high school.

Playing well with others is important - not being too flashy, just keeping good time and of course coming up with cool beats. A good snare drum, kick drum, high hat. Just getting good at the hand feet coordination.

Drums all have their own particulars - each drum has a place where they sound the best - where they ring out and resonate the best, and the head surface isn`t too loose or too tight, mainly so you get a good rebound off of the head.

We always feel pretty creative as far as writing songs. We write them together; we just get in a room, or on occasion in Flea`s garage. We just sort of improvise, like jazz musicians.

Flea and Anthony are into funk, like old school Meters and stuff like that.

Its very sort of spontaneous and organic, not a preconceived sort of jamming. Now we record everything, cause sometimes you`ll forget, you know, `what was that thing again?` So we record everything.

Sometimes one of us will have a riff or a bass line from home but it really gels when we come together. We really have a strong special chemistry that we take advantage of when we get together.

Playing along with records is key. And as far as equipment goes it has gotten so much more affordable and the drum sets are of great quality. I play Pearl; their Export Series is great for a beginner.

I took a private lesson, but it didn`t really work out, so I went back to playing along with records. That`s really the thing that got me into playing a lot - getting excited about playing along with my favorite bands like Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

I met the guys through a friend of a friend, and their former drummer had quit. I wasn`t too familiar with the Chili Peppers before that, so I joined at the end of 88` and we finished recording Mother`s Milk at the end of 89`, next thing I know I`m in Spin with a sock.

I had sort of exhausted all the avenues playing in Detroit. So again, through the stewardship of my brother, I ended up in California and went to the Musicians Institute in L.A. I wanted to get better as a player.

For live you need a microphone for the snare and the high hat, the kick drum, a nice stereo overhead and one for the toms - you can get away with using four mikes.

Flea got into rock later on in life, came up in jazz as a jazz trumpet player, and then got into punk rock, playing in Fear and stuff like that.

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